Walking with Divorced Catholics

20 June 2022

Just as Jesus came to walk with the broken-hearted, He hands this responsibility and vocation to us to accompany those whose hearts are in need of healing today.

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Episode 12: Faith @ Home: Divorce and Troubled Marriages

24 September 2021

Hear from Fr. Charles Sim SJ as he shares about the topic of Divorce and Troubled marriages, and also where couples can turn to when their marriage hits a rough patch.

Episode 4: Faith @ Home: Catholic Divorce Support Group

12 July 2021

Hear the sharings of Joachim and Joanne Lee as they share their stories of surviving a divorce and separation, and how the Catholic Divorce Support Group has helped them to reintegrate back to the Catholic Church.

Raising Children through a divorce

29 January 2019

When Joanne Lee entered into marriage, she did so with full commitment and a belief that she and her husband would grow old together. It wasn't some celebrity coupling that she could give up at a whim on five years down the line. For Joanne, it was for life. 18 years later, and with two teenage boys caught in the updraft, she was faced with the reality that the marriage was irreparable. She was devastated.


Healing the pain of divorce

28 January 2019

Growing up in the Catholic faith, Bernard had always thought that when he got married, it would be a union that would last a lifetime. That belief was further strengthened when he fell in love with his wife and settled into a happy marriage in 2006. In the early stages, the couple were deeply in love and soon completed their family with a daughter. In 2018, when his wife asked for a divorce, Bernard's world completely fell apart.


Surviving the holidays after a marriage breaks down

26 January 2018

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Elena Fernandez, an English Teacher and part-time DJ with Gold 90FM, shares tips on how to survive festive seasons as a separated or divorce person.

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